16/10/2012 12:26 BST

'Ball Dresser' Sketch (VIDEO)

A man walks into the barber's and... Well, you can see what happens in this hilarious - and ever-so-slightly wince-inducing - sketch from comedy group KWAT. You see, this is a very special kind of barber's shop. The clue's in the sketch title, actually.

Want to know more about KWAT while you're here? Well, they're a four-person sketch group - comprised of Maddy Carrick, Andy King, Mike Goward and Chloe Metcalfe - who recently enjoyed a very successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, where 'Ball Dresser' proved to be one of their most popular sketches. Maddy and Chloe don't appear in it, though. This, frankly, is no place for women.

And now, sit back and enjoy some more great comedy skits - courtesy of Auntie Beeb...