17/10/2012 14:24 BST

Stella Ehrhart, Schoolgirl, 8, Dresses As A Different Historical Figure Every Day (PICTURES)

An eight-year-old schoolgirl has combined her love of history and fashion by dressing as a different historical figure each day.

Each morning Stella Ehrhart opens her book 100 Most Important Women Of The 20th Century and choses her inspiration.

So far the creative youngster has attended classes dressed as Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, Billie Holiday, Grace Kelly and Joan Baez.

Scroll down for a gallery of Stella's costumes


Stella Ehrhart dressed as Aung San Suu Kyi

Last Friday she regally rolled up to the gates of Omaha's Dundee Elementary School dressed as Queen Elizabeth II.

She has also dressed as Princess Diana, Gloria Steinem, Anne Frank, Virginia Woolf and Lucille Ball.

Stella's mother, Stephanie Anderson told Huffington Post UK: "She goes into her closet and just picks out what she wants each day. She repeats a lot of the garments but never goes as the same character twice.

"All her friends think it's cool and they started to emulate her at the beginning but they just couldn't keep up with her."


Stella is two months into the third grade and she's been dressing up every single day since the second day of second grade, clocking up an astonishing 160 outfits.

Stephanie, a teacher, adds: "I never put pressure on her to dress up, it's always her choice."

Stella's teachers embrace her project, with Shannon Roeder telling she turns Stella's less-obvious outfits into mini history lessons.

She said: "We'd have to get on the computer and figure out who she was."

Stella Ehrhart