18/10/2012 09:59 BST | Updated 18/10/2012 10:01 BST

Brendan Rodgers Hailed As Better Than José Mourinho And Carlo Ancelotti

Brendan Rodgers has been lauded as better than José Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti.

Liverpool's head of performance Glen Driscoll has worked with all three managers, following Rodgers from Swansea City to Merseyside in the summer.

And the Reds staff member is sufficiently impressed with the relatively inexperienced 39-year-old Rodgers to claim he has "the best mix" of the three coaches in question.


Rodgers signed a three-year contract with Liverpool in the summer

"All the managers I've worked with have their own unique traits - but Brendan has the best mix," Driscoll told the Liverpool website.

"I still have strong relationships with many of the managers I've worked with, and so I mean no disrespect, but Brendan definitely has a unique combination of all the best traits I've seen.

"Carlo Ancelotti was very humble and showed a lot of humility - I see that in Brendan. I also see the man-management style of Guus Hiddink and obviously the methodologies of José [Mourinho] in him. For me, I feel very privileged and lucky to now be working back with Brendan."


Driscoll previously worked at Chelsea

And Driscoll added the football methodology can take the Reds "above and beyond" their opponents.

"The passion around the city and football club is something different," Driscoll beamed.

"With no disrespect to Chelsea as I had a great time there, enjoyed some amazing moments and still have colleagues and friends there, it just feels the set-up here could really take Liverpool above and beyond.

"It is a privilege to be here and my only focus is to try and make sure we achieve success. I'm 100 per cent positive we will do that."

Rodgers guided Swansea to promotion via the Championship play-offs in 2011 before the Swans finished 11th in the Premier League table - just five points behind Liverpool.

He penned a three-year deal with the Reds in the summer after Kenny Dalglish was sacked by the club.