How To Plan A Gothic Party This Halloween (TIPS, PICTURES)

How To Throw A Gothic Halloween Party (Without Fangs And Pumpkins)

For many, Halloween is unfortunately a time of glow-in-the-dark fangs, pumpkin carving and talcum powder based face make-up.

But if, like HuffPost UK Lifestyle, you're no longer a seven-year-old and aren't spooked by spider cupcakes it doesn't mean that Halloween isn't for you.

The less commercialised and arguably more fun version is about getting in touch with your dark side, embracing gothic trends and making a lethal punch for a creepy party with your mates. That and secretly wishing your boyfriend glittered in the daylight the same way Robert Pattinson does.

We've pulled together some top tips to creating a pumpkin-free Halloween party, for grown-ups

Setting The Scene

Gothic-Themed Halloween Party