Travel: Boutique 'Secret Retreats' Hotel Holidays In South East Asia And Beyond (PICTURES)

'Secret Retreats' In South East Asia

A new boutique hotel brand, which aims to offer travellers the best of authentic Asian accommodation, launched this month.

Called Secret Retreats, the collection comprises of 33 small, independent, affordable residences, located everywhere from Thailand, Cambodia and Burma, to India and China.

Each property has its own story to tell and an owner who is passionate about revealing the true spirit of their country to visitors.

Stéphane Junca, Secret Retreats’ managing director, told HuffPost UK Lifestyle: "Secret Retreats is born from the need of small independent Asian properties, often in remote locations, to get together and create a network, a fellowship of like-minded people always willing to welcome and share their passion for local cultures, traditions, hospitality and cuisine.

"Our knowledge of the destinations and our closeness to the owners who live on site at each property give Secret Retreats the advantage to be a specialist and to craft customized experiences in the most unique and unexpected ways."

So, if you've not booked your next holiday, perhaps it's time to find out what flying east could offer...