Zoe Ball: Baby Nelly Was My Reward For Quitting Booze

Zoe Ball: Baby Nelly Was My Reward For Quitting Booze


Zoe Ball has told a newspaper that her toddler daughter Nelly was her 'reward' for giving up her boozy lifestyle.

Speaking to the Mail, Zoe, 41, reveals how she and husband Norman Cook had been trying for a brother or sister for their son Woody but 'nothing happened' until the pair of them gave up drinking.

"The truth is, she came along when we both stopped drinking. I'm sure that's the reason," Zoe said. "The fact we hadn't managed to have another child for all those years and then Nelly was conceived when we gave up the booze must be linked. It felt like our reward. Very much so."

Nelly was born in January, 2010, 10 years after her big brother, Woody, and after a rocky time for Zoe and Norman, which saw them go through a temporary separation.

Zoe also tells the paper that she is really enjoying family life now she is in her 40s - saying she feels she can take things at a 'slightly slower pace'.

"I've also come to understand the joy you get from your kids," she proud mum says. "It's wonderful watching them grow and discover the world. It feels like a good time at the moment."

She also claims she is 'much better' at juggling the demands of home and work, and that she and Norman make sure they work together to juggle the work-life balance around their kids.

"Norman and I are careful about the work we accept. He works through the summer full-out with festivals and so on. Then, come autumn, it's my time for Strictly all the way through to Christmas," Zoe reveals.

The Radio Two DJ and It Takes Two presenter also recently credited giving up booze with making her a better person all round. Speaking to the Independent earlier this month, Zoe said she was 'much happier', 'a better mum', a 'better employee' and 'a better friend' without drink in her life - concluding it was all 'incredible'.


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