21/10/2012 11:51 BST

Twilight Couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Consult Love Doctor

Reunited Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been consulting a love doctor to try and save their relationship, according to newspaper reports.

The couple are back together after Stewart's passionate fling with director Rupert Sanders earlier this year.

They have been pictured leaving some of the trendiest restaurants in Los Angeles and were spotted in a poolside smooch at the actress' new home.


The Twilight stars are rumoured to be visiting a love doc to save their relationship

But love the second time around has been difficult for the two stars, according to the Daily Star on Sunday.

A friend of Pattinson told the paper the actor has been unable to get over the scandal, insisting: "He still hasn't forgiven her for cheating on him so they are trying to work through their relationship issues with professional help."

Their Beverly Hills therapist is said to have helped a long list of Hollywood clients repair damaged love lives.

An insider close to the love doctor said: "Robert says he wants to trust Kristen - but he's finding it almost impossible.

Meanwhile, she is so guilt-ridden over her affair she says it's shattered her confidence. She doesn't know whether to smother Rob with love or give him space."

The stars have denied claims they have patched up their affair just to promote the latest franchise episode, Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

Stewart told a TV interviewer: "It's ridiculous to say it's a sham and it's hurtful to both of us that people are thinking and saying that. We just want to be left alone."

The Twilight cast will begin a worldwide promotional tour over the next few days for the movie, which promises to be another international box office smash