23/10/2012 13:07 BST

Brits Share More On Social Media, But Irish Shares Are More Valuable

Businesses interested in making money from social media might want to target Irish consumers over their international peers, according to new research.

Statistics from online ticketing company Eventbrite has shown that while the Brits top the charts for the most clicks when sharing events, when Irish people share events through social media it generates more money for the event company.

The data showed that for every time someone in the UK shares an Eventbrite event on Facebook, 22 of their friends and contacts click on the link.


Source: Eventbrite

On average, every time an individual shares an event on a social media site, they generate an additional £2.01 in ticket sales for that event. In the UK, the figure is £2.32 generated per share on Facebook, and £1.46 per share on Twitter.

However, Ireland has the lowest share rate, but the highest pounds per share. When a user in Ireland shares an event on Facebook, on average it drives £6.48 in additional ticket sales. On Twitter, the number is similarly high, driving £5.64 in additional ticket sales for every tweet.

Eventbrite generated the data by analysing events it had hosted tickets and registration for on its site, and using tools to attribute ticket purchases to the specific social distribution channel that drove them. Eventbrite has led to the sale of more than four million tickets for more than 100,000 events since September 2011.

While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all embraced international expansion, we see varying levels of adoption and engagement when it comes to sharing events around the world.

  • Facebook: Australia shows a high pounds per share on Facebook at £3.32. While the highest pounds per Facebook share award goes to Ireland at a whopping £6.38, Australia is the next in line.
  • Twitter: The value of a Twitter share is highest in Ireland, Canada and The Netherlands. Ireland gets the prize at £5.94 in value per tweet, Canada shows £1.85 per tweet and The Netherlands brings in an additional £1.51 each time an event is shared on Twitter.
  • LinkedIn: Pounds per share on LinkedIn is highest in France at £7.81. This is roughly four times the pounds per share values for LinkedIn in the Netherlands and Italy, which are £2.08 and £2.00, respectively.

However, if you just want to direct traffic to your site, Twitter appears to be the way forward; links shared through Twitter result in 33 page visits per share, while Facebook drives just 14 and LinkedIn just 10.

“At Eventbrite, when we think about sharing, we’re thinking about the ways in which people influence one another, and how social media accelerates that influence,” said Tamara Mendolsohn, vice president of marketing at Eventbrite.

“Because events are inherently social, it’s not surprising that we see a compound effect of sharing. And it’s interesting to see the values and traffic driven from a share continue to rise, despite the increase in volume of sharing across social networks.”