Talented Dog Wants Her Frisbee, Owner Is No Help (VIDEO)

WATCH: Determined Dog Wants Her Frisbee

Dog-owners, be warned! There is nothing more irritating to your four-legged friend than when you put the one thing she wants slightly out of reach then stand there filming her frustration so you can stick the footage on YouTube Petsami.

All the same, this super-talented pooch is clearly determined to get her frisbee off the end of the banisters - presumably so she can lob it straight at her owner's stupid chuckling face.

So did she ever manage it? Your guess is as good as ours - unless, of course, 'Part Two' is lurking somewhere on the internet, just waiting to be discovered. If we happen to find it during our exhaustive trawls, rest assured we'll tip you the wink.

Now, stay tuned - or rather, look at the slideshow below - for more performing pooches...

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