24/10/2012 05:27 BST | Updated 24/10/2012 06:24 BST

'Halloween Style' - Singing House Is Latest Gangnam Parody (VIDEO)

Please God - when will it ever end? Even inanimate objects are doing 'Gangnam Style' parodies now - as proven by this singing house that's all lit up for Halloween.

And yes, we know that last sentence makes us sound like we've finally lost the plot. But just watch the video - which was uploaded to YouTube by Edwards Landing Lights - and we guarantee you'll start feeling a bit confused and fuzzy-headed, too.

It's got to the point where we're terrified to glance at anything on our desks in case it breaks into 'Gangnam Style'. In fact, we're sure our stapler's just clearing its throat.

(We'd like to thank Twitter's @mandypandy32 for pointing us towards this latest parody - which, despite its annoying soundtrack, is very impressive, we have to admit.)

Want more 'Gangnam Style' parodies? Don't worry. There'll be another one along tomorrow - but in the meantime, here's a quick recap of the "best" so far...