24/10/2012 09:34 BST

Jason Roberts Explains Kick It Out Boycott

Jason Roberts has revealed he and other Premier League footballers had discussed boycotting the Kick It Out T-shirts with the PFA prior to the weekend's games.

Roberts was one of a number of black players, including Rio and Anton Ferdinand, Joleon Lescott and Micah Richards amongst others, who did not don the T-shirts in protest at the group's impotence.

But Roberts clarified the gesture was made in a bid to highlight the lack of funding Kick It Out receive.

"Myself and a group of other players have been in detailed discussions with the PFA for some time," Roberts told the Daily Mail.


Roberts said on Friday he would not be wearing a T-shirt

''We suggested to them all along that this week could be an issue, because people didn't want to wear the T-shirt.''

''Kick It Out has done some substantial things, but as an organisation it is not seriously funded, and it should be."

"I speak to players who are exasperated by the suggestion that the fight against racism has been won, simply because bananas no longer get thrown and monkey noises aren't made."

Kick It Out receives £300,000 a year - just £80,000 more than the fine the Football Association charged John Terry for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.