24/10/2012 17:06 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Shocking CCTV Shows Mum Giving Birth In The Street And Abandoning Her Baby

CCTV footage appearing to show a woman giving birth as she walks along a Turkish street has emerged.

The footage shows a young woman walking along a deserted street in Istanbul's Bağcılar district with two others. A baby then tumbles out from beneath her clothes, and after stopping briefly to look down, all three people walk away.

Passers-by then see the child, and call the police and an ambulance.

The little girl survived and has been named Ecem Ahu by hospital staff.

The details around the case are very hazy.

Hurriyet Daily News reports that the young woman, who is thought to be a teenager, has admitted giving birth on the street, but didn't actually realise at the time, saying: "Something fell from me. I thought it was a blood clot. I didn't know it was the baby."

However hospital staff say the baby was found with her umbilical cord tied, suggesting an earlier delivery.

The girl's parents, who are thought to be the pair walking with her in the footage, say they were unaware that their daughter was pregnant. It is claimed the girl returned home after the birth, changed her clothes and went to a local hospital.

The little girl is reportedly in good health, and is being looked after by hospital staff.