26/10/2012 13:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Humiliation By Facebook: How Two Parents Punished Their Stroppy Teen

How do you punish your children? In these politically sensitive times, a clip around the ear is out, right? So is 'grounding' them (they just disappear to their bedrooms and talk to their friends online).

So what's a parent to do? Well, this mum and dad have come up with the ultimate chastisement that will live with their naughty offspring for a very long time: Humiliation By Facebook!

The parents, from Wisconsin, U.S., used the social networking site to give their badly behaved daughter an online slap on the hand – by posting mortifying photos of themselves on Facebook.

The unnamed parents, who appear to be in their early 40s, are pictured cross-eyed and flashing a peace sign in one photograph, which was posted online by the couple's son.

"My parents took away my sister's phone for the week,' the son writes on the social media website 'Reddit' under the username 'AustinMac.'

"They've uploaded about 10 of these to her Facebook. Doing it right!"

When asked what his sister had done to deserve the Facebook flogging, AustinMac responded: "She got fresh."

It might feel light-hearted to some, but for an image-conscious teen it's sure to have been received as, like, ya, totally, y'know, excrutiating.

Something that was confirmed by one respondent to the thread, who wrote: "Something like this would have been about the most horrifying experience of my life. I feel for the sister."

Is this finally the weapon we parents need to deal with answer-back teens? Embarrass the hell out of them and they might, just might, stop being so stroppy and realise that mum and dad really do know best – or else!

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