31/10/2012 16:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Newborn Baby Survives Being Abandoned In A Handbag On Chilly Night

A newborn baby is recovering in hospital after he was abandoned in a handbag with his umbilical cord still attached

The little boy was found wrapped in a towel, in a pillow case, inside a handbag near a North Texas home by locals Mihoko and Phillip Brown.

The couple found the little boy after their cat, Stinky, starting sniffing around their door where the handbag was dropped.

"I put my ear to the door and heard something, and I barely opened the door and saw the bag," Phillip told the Corsicana Daily Sun.

"'I said, 'Somebody's left us a puppy in this bag'. Then it started crying and I said, 'This a baby.'"

"I was so glad he was crying loudly enough for us to hear it," added Mihoko. "I was so thankful he was still alive. I can't imagine what I would feel like if he wasn't crying and then we found it. It was shocking enough for me. I'm just so thankful he's alive and in good care right now."

The baby boy was taken to hospital where he is said to be 'doing fine', despite being abandoned on a night when temperatures dropped to around four Celsius.

"He's stable and appears he's going to be fine," Police Chief Randy Bratton said. "We're very fortunate because it got pretty cold last night. If the baby hadn't been found quickly there's a good chance the baby might not have made it."

Texas has a Baby Moses law, which means any new mother who leaves her baby at a hospital, fire station or police station is granted legal immunity.

Police say they think the mother was unaware of this law when she abandoned her newborn in the street, and are now appealing for her to come forward.

Watch the video news report above for an interview with Mihoko.