31/10/2012 07:33 GMT

Police Inundated With Calls From Spooked Brits

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? In the absence of Ghostbusters, we mean.

Actually, newly-released data reveals that spooked Brits have been getting straight on the phone to the police whenever they spot - or think they spot - ghosts, ghouls, goblins or zombies wandering the streets of the UK.

As Metro reports, the past five years have seen reports of poltergeists stealing keys, a demon-possessed doll, werewolves trying to break down the front door and zombies traipsing across a field. (Yep, zombies famously laugh in the face of the Countryside Code and fail to keep to the designated footpaths. How rude!)

However, Carmarthenshire police investigating one particular zombie-sighting found themselves stumbling on to the set of a horror film. Case closed!

Meanwhile, vampires seem especially drawn to Norfolk, with five sightings reported over recent years. Oh, and ghosts and witches are more commonly spotted in the Merseyside area.

We're going out on a (severed) limb here - but we imagine a lot of these sightings may take place around the time the pubs turn out. Our advice? Try to sleep it off - and don't have nightmares!

Alternatively, embrace the unexplained, get into the Halloween spirit and find out how to carve a smashing pumpkin: