02/11/2012 13:25 GMT | Updated 05/11/2012 04:36 GMT

HeTexted Website Decodes Dating Texts And Messages (PICTURES)

There's nothing better than getting over a break-up and feeling positive about being single again. To feel the wind in your hair, to be freed from shackles of monogamy, to run naked in a field of opportunity. You know, that stuff.

And then reality hits and you realise that you're firmly back in the dating arena. You may have jumped from the sinking ship of a failed relationship, but you're about to drown in a sea of cryptic text messages from guys you've only just met.

Well fear not, this is where HeTexted comes in -- an online advice site with a difference.



In contrast to the many relationship websites, the HeTexted community are there to offer advice, not try and chat you up themselves.

Users upload vague, confusing messages received from the person they are dating/shagging/stalking* (delete as appropriate) and other members vote to help decipher its true meaning.

Do these texts sound familiar. Comment below if you've ever been confused by your guy?

HeTexted: To Text Or Not To Text

If I had a penny for every time I've reread a text message or asked my mates for what a sentence really means, I'd be rich enough to buy a boyfriend. A nice one, who behaves himself and does what I say. But unfortunately I don't.

HeTexted takes the onus off your mates and puts your dating woes to the floor.

As the website explains:

Every Sunday morning, we would sit around with our girlfriends, going over the night before, regretting any less-than-sober texts (and maybe the diner cheese fries). We would wait for the guy to text, or, determined not to play "the game", send the first text.