Adele Baby Pics: First Photo Of Singer's Son 'Revealed' (PICS)

As you'll no doubt be aware, Adele may have had a baby. We say 'may' because as of yet there's been no official confirmation that the singer has actually given birth to a little boy, although she did at least confirm she was pregnant.

This is all despite the fact that she was snapped going about her biz in London yesterday with her fiance, Simon Konecki (and their dog) by her side and her bundle of joy reportedly in her arms.

The key words in the above sentence are 'bundle' and 'reportedly'. She was definitely carrying a bundle but we have no idea if it was a mini human being or a multipack of Wotsits under her cardi. And as we're not allowed to publish the snap in question on our shores then you'll just have to Google it take our word for it.

All we know are the facts:

(a) It was Adele

(b) She was carrying something under her cardi

(c) She should've put a coat on (she'll catch her death etc etc)

But this got us thinking. In these times of celebs selling their wedding photos/first baby pics/souls to any magazine willing to cough up, wouldn't it be great if it was all just a big ol' ruse concocted by Adele in a bid to have the last laugh at the press's expense? And Karl Lagerfeld.

So what WAS under that black cardi? *scratches chin* Here are our (very scientific) theories, but if you have your own then please tweet them to @HPUKCelebrity.

In the meantime Adele, put us out of our misery (please).

Adele Seen With Baby?