02/11/2012 15:59 GMT | Updated 02/11/2012 17:33 GMT

Brazilian Model Nana Gouvêa Poses Among Hurricane Sandy Wreckage, Becomes Internet Meme (PICS)

facebook nana gouvea

Typical. Just when we've said that there's little to find funny about Hurricane Sandy, this turns up.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the world of Brazilian model Nana Gouvêa. A world where everything has a bright side. A world where everything is sunny. A world where every disaster is a potential photo-opportunity.

For while others may have been lamenting the loss of lives, buildings and belongings caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York, Ms Gouvêa has simply seen the resulting carnage as an wonderful backdrop for a set of photos:

facebook nana gouvêa

Clearly proud of her work, Gouvêa has plastered her disaster pics all over her Facebook page and excitedly posted about the worldwide coverage they're getting. Although somehow we're not sure that she understands that, while the world is indeed gawping at her pictures, we're doing it with our jaws on the floor:

facebook nana gouvea

The internet has, quite naturally, picked up this horrific-if-attractive ball and run with it. As Know Your Meme explains, 'Nana Gouvêa em Desastres' (Nana Gouvêa in Disasters) has seen creative types all over the world take Gouvêa and place her in other terrible disasters, such as the Hindenburg going down, the Titantic sinking and the Disney/LucasFilm deal being signed. Internet: we love you.