02/11/2012 08:24 GMT | Updated 02/11/2012 08:25 GMT

Romney Supporters On Obama: He's A Muslim, Atheist Communist (VIDEO)

The outcome of Tuesday's presidential election could come down to the swing state of Ohio. President Obama hold a narrow lead over Mitt Romney according to the latest polls, but the Republican challenger still hopes to be able to snatch victory there.

Romney held a rally in the town of Defiance to motivate his supporters last week, and Chase Whiteside & Erick Stoll of NewLeftMedia conducted a series of interviews with those in the crowd.

Their reasons for backing Romney, or more precisely, for hating Obama, ranged from the reasonable, to the weird all the way to the the confused and conspiratorial.

"He [Romney] believes in all classes, he likes it to be not just one class superior to the other clases," says one. Which sounds a bit socialist for a Republican.

Others lament how much Obama "loves the Muslim religion" and suspect the president "has a soft spot for the Muslims".

One woman goes even further. "He is a Muslim. His father was a Muslim, his father was an atheist and his father was a communist."

A perplexed Whiteside asks: "Is his father a Muslim? Or an atheist? The Romney backers concludes: "He's all three."

For another man it was not the Muslims that were the biggest worry. "We're letting them tell us 'you've got to follow our religion," he says. Who has? "The Buddhists. They're there."

Whiteside is once again confused:"You think Buddhists have come into the country and taken our freedom of religion?"

Also. Meatloaf was there.