02/11/2012 04:27 GMT | Updated 01/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Young Apprentice: New Series Sees Fashion Feathers Flying, And Max Grodecki Is First Firing

Max Godrecki became the first Young Apprentice candidate to be sent home, receiving those words no ambitious teenager wants to hear... "You're Fired!"

The first task for the teams - 'Platinum' girls and 'Odyssey' boys - had been to collect clothes and sell them for profit, something it turned out the girls were better suited to, making £453 profit compared with the boys' £330.

young apprentice

One of the boys had to go...

As one of the boys had to go, Lord Sugar opted to kick to the kerb keen musician Max Godrecki, reflecting that the young wannabe entrepeneur had only made £14 worth of sales on the stall - "overall, we conclude that you're useless at selling."

The choice of firing came down to Patrick, Max or David. Lord Sugar accused Patrick of making some major strategy mistakes that contributed to the downfall, and David of the potential to "cause a bit of friction, you've gone quite close to winding me up a little bit".

But, ultimately, it came down to the pound sign, with Lord Sugar telling Max, "I regret that my instinct is telling me that... I think you're meant for different types of things. Max - You're Fired."

What did Max have to say afterwards?

young apprentice

Afterwards, Max reflected:

"We had to sell vintage clothes and rags at a variety of outlets. I was placed in the sub-team doing market research, laundry and selling clothes at a car boot fair.

"I took the quite risky strategy of organising and sorting the stock, so that the other two could meanwhile sell efficiently. I thought it was clever as the foot-fall was too limited for three sellers and we had loads of stock that we had not seen before.

"It seemed to work as we sold more as a team than our girl counterparts; however it wasn't appreciated in the boardroom!"

All this year's Young Apprentice candidates below. Who do you think is going to win this year's title?