05/11/2012 05:40 GMT | Updated 05/11/2012 11:20 GMT

Meet Our New Favourite Superhero: Dragon Baby (VIDEO)

This just in! We've got a new favourite superhero: Dragon Baby, a pint-sized karate kid who doesn't hold back when kicking the stuffing out of a pesky toy dragon. Way to go, Dragon Baby!

Watch the video above to witness his mad skillz in action. And if he seems vaguely familiar, that may be because he's the younger brother of Iron Baby, who became an internet sensation a couple of years ago...

By the way, Dragon and Iron have a very clever dad: director Patrick Boivin. And this latest video's very much "gone viral" - with more than three million hits since it was uploaded to YouTube on Friday.

If you admire tough-looking kids, we have a feeling you'll appreciate this little lot, too...