05/11/2012 04:54 GMT | Updated 05/11/2012 10:40 GMT

British Entrepreneurs To Be Celebrated By Huff Post UK

British entrepreneurs create thousands of jobs and generate billions of pounds towards the UK economy, and here at the Huffington Post UK, we've decided to cast a light on some of the brightest talents fighting the tide of economic decline.

Ahead of Global Entrepreneurship Week - which is a global network of initiatives that help young entrepreneurs to start their own business, taking place between 12-18 November - we're launching a new series, featuring some of Britain’s leading lights, ranging from board game developers to golf hotel magnates, from vineyard owners to hot pants manufacturers.

Today, board game developer Rachel Lowe tells Huff Post UK how she took on the Dragons in Dragons’ Den and despite being ridiculed by them and dismissed without any funding, produced a game that outsold Monopoly in the UK’s biggest toy store.

Read her story here.