05/11/2012 11:59 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kind-Hearted Local Donates £500 After Comet Refuses To Accept Gift Card For Disabled Boy

Kind-hearted local donates £500 after Comet refuses to accept gift card from disabled boy SWNS

Generous people in Plymouth have stepped in to help a family after a Comet store refused to accept a gift card donated by charity to their son who has cerebral palsy.

Mum Maria Horton, 32, from Plymouth, was given the £500 gift card by the Family Fund charity to buy an iPad for her four-year-old son, Samuel, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

When she visited a Comet store in Plymouth, she was told by staff that they could not accept it as payment. Comet went into administration last week, and 6,611 jobs are at risk.

Deloitte, who has been appointed by Comet as administer, has said that that customer orders will be fulfilled 'wherever possible', but the use of gift cards and vouchers was suspended on Saturday November 3.

After Samuel's story made headlines, Maria was contacted by three local people who wanted to help her son.

Samuel has difficulty writing because his hand shakes, and was going to use the iPad to help with his school work.

Local paper The Herald was contacted by John Alexander - a successful charity fundraiser known as the Singing Jeweller - with an offer of £500 for Samuel.

"I was touched by this story," said John. "I've had ups and downs in life, like we all have, but God has been good to me, and I have always tried to help along the way.

"Every now and then something like this comes along and if I can do anything to help, that's what I do."

Maria was also contacted by a Bristol businessman and Dartmoor Zoo, both wishing to help Samuel.

"People's generosity has astounded me," Maria said. "I am overwhelmed. If anyone else does want to help they could give to the Family Fund. They are a charity that makes a difference to people's lives."