05/11/2012 11:18 GMT

Cute Picture Of The Day: Little Dog Is Same Size As Coke Can (PHOTO)

OK, folks - it's time to run round the room while flapping your arms and squealing, "Too cute! Too cute!" like a hysterical little girl. Ready? Meet teeny-tiny terrier Meysi who's vying to be named the world's smallest dog...


As you can see, the three-month-old pup - from Jarocin, Poland - is no bigger than a Coca-Cola can. (Of course, we should point out that other soft drink brands are available. She's no bigger than a Pepsi, 7 Up or Vimto can either).

Her vital statistics? Meysi is currently 7cm tall, 12cm long and weighs just 150g - about the same as a hamster. And - get ready to squeal again - she was so tiny when she was born, her owner mistook her for a piece of placenta and nearly threw her in the bin before noticing her moving. Waaaah!

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