Barack Obama Sings 'U Can't Touch This' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Obama Does 'U Can't Touch This'

You better believe it, suckers.

Ahem. Sorry. We got carried away in all the euphoria there. But here's the reigning US president (er... "reigning" is the right word, isn't it?) treating us all to a rousing rendition of MC Hammer's 'U Can't Touch This', courtesy of YouTube mash-up maestro baracksdubs.

You know, it reminds us a little of Obama's equally catchy 'You Didn't Build That' from a couple of months back. Ah, it all seems so long ago now...

Altogether now: "Stop! Obama Time!" (Not to be confused with 'Chico Time', of course, which is something entirely different.)

By the way, this seems as good a time as any to treat ourselves to a little reminder of some of Barack's coolest moments. Mind you, we do have it on good authority that the best is yet to come...

(Via The Poke)


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