08/11/2012 06:17 GMT | Updated 09/11/2012 05:39 GMT

Picture Of The Day: Hungry Bear Summons Keeper For Food (PHOTO)

"I say! Waiter! Excuse me! Honestly - what does a bear have to do to get some service round here?" (Sorry - we went a bit "Johnny Morris" for a moment there.)

Anyway, this brilliant snap shows Huanca the bear politely summoning a keeper for more food when her stash of nuts was running low at Duisburg Zoo...


Rather than start roaring and wailing - which is always so undignified, after all - the hungry five-year-old stood on her hind legs and raised her arm to get her keeper's attention.

US photographer Rainer Paul, who took this picture, told the Daily Mail: "Huanca was a great bear to photograph because she was so well-natured. It was as if she was standing back and waving at her admiring crowds."

Ah, that gives us all the excuse we need to indulge in one of our favourite hobbies: waving back at waving bears. Come on, everybody - join in!

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