08/11/2012 12:04 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Names Twins Barack And Mitt!

Mum names twins Barack and Mitt! Reuters

When mum Millicent Owuor gave birth to twins on US election day, there were only two names on her mind.

The Kenyan mother named her newborn twins Barack and Mitt, after she gave birth in a hospital just outside Barack Obama's ancestral village, Kogelo.

Millicent, 20, gave birth to the twins on the day President Obama was re-elected, and told reporters she chose the names to remember the day of the election.

"I named the first twin Barack and the second one Mitt," said Millicent.

Obama's step-grandmother Sarah Obama still lives in Kogelo. His grandfather, also called Barack Obama,died in a road accident in 1982.

Congratulations Millicent - and glad to hear Barack was chosen first...