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'I'm A Celebrity' Best Moments: Katie Price, Peter Andre, Carol Thatcher, Gillian McKeith, Fatima Whitbread, Johnny Rotten...

This weekend sees another 10 fame-hungry ‘celebrities’ adapt to jungle life for the new series of 'I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here'.

But before Ant and Dec put the hapless bunch through their paces, no doubt to include eating a hearty serving of grubs, cockroaches and kangaroo anus, here’s a reminder of the most memorable, entertaining and shocking moments of the jungle contest so far.

Spare a thought for these stars who’ve spent time inside caves, huts and holes filled with rats, spiders, snakes and just about everything else you can have a fear of…


Gillian McKeith faints

ONE: Gillian McKeith was possibly the most ridiculous woman ever to set foot in the jungle. Closely followed by Natalie Appleton. The diet-obsessed TV nutritionist almost had a panic attack every time a fly touched her. The result? The caring public kept nominating her for Bushtucker trials of course.

And when the time came to face her seventh challenge on live TV - a bug-ridden “unfairground", billed as “the worst carnival in the world” – she fainted for the THIRD time.

Some viewers accused her of faking it, while fellow contestant Dom Joly - a great moral compass - attempted to stop the cruelty by shouting to viewers: "You should be ashamed of yourselves."


Fatima has an unwanted friend removed from her nose

TWO: She’s a world-class Olympic athlete with a body made of steel. But when Fatima Whitbread took on the cockroaches last year, it was the little critters who won.

When one got stuck up her nose and stopped her from breathing, it sure did prove the power of nature. It was also pretty funny.

carol thatcher

Carol Thatcher: An unlikely winner

THREE: Margaret Thatcher’s daughter Carol shocked the nation when she signed up for some bug-loving time in the jungle.

She shocked them even more when she was caught squatting next to her bunk and piddling all over the camp. And then she bloody won!


Katie and Peter - love at first sight

FOUR: Who can forget the moment that changed the world forever…?

When Aussie popstar Peter Andre met British glamour model/businesswoman Katie Price, best known at that time as Jordan.

Their eyes met across the campfire. He wooed her with his sickly lyrics and she stunned him with her silicon-enhanced bikini body.

Those three weeks in the jungle impacted the front pages of every gossip-obsessed rag for the next five years and we can all say that we now know far too much about their relationship. The best thing that came out of their union, in my opinion, was not their two incredibly cute children Princess and Junior, but their hilarious duet of Aladdin’s 'A Whole New World'.

john lydon

Johnny Rotten took no prisoners in the jungle

FIVE: Punk star Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) surprised everyone with his genuine love of nature on 'I’m A Celeb'. But then went on to call the viewers “f**king c**ts” when they refused to vote him off the show.

ITV and media regulator Ofcom received 91 complaints and the former Sex Pistols singer was warned not to repeat the outburst.

The broadcaster has now put into place a time delay of a few seconds so it can make sure no more surprise swear words go out on air.

But the execs needn’t have worried, as the controversial star quit the show shortly after his outburst.

The tirade overall had a positive effect for Lydon, as it boosted sales of the Sex Pistols’ classic album 'Never Mind the Bollocks' at Virgin Megastores by 169 percent.

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