09/11/2012 10:39 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What Makes A Perfect Dad? Hilarious Answers From Six Year-Olds Reveal All

Dads-to-be, listen up: if you're in any doubt about what's going to be expected of you, just watch this video for the ultimate guide from those that know: kids.

These forthright – and very cute – six-year-olds are in no doubt whatsoever about what makes the perfect father. Having a hairy chest, stubbly chin and living in a mansion come top of the list!

The pupils from South Loop School in Chicago, US, also said the perfect dad needs to wear a tuxedo, have stretchy arms and legs and often takes his kids to the park to play baseball.

The video, which has already attracted 36,000 hits on YouTube was posted by Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag as part of a new podcast called How to Do Everything.

Their film starts with a blonde child, called Ellery, who declares: "I am six-and-ten-twelfths."

She and her friends offer pearls of wisdom, including the fact that 'most dads usually wear jeans and have a lipstick-less mouth' and that it is important to have 'good eyesight'.

Another child adds: "Dads need to have awesome ideas like using Styrofoam to make a model of a rattle snake."

I asked my own seven-year-old what he thought makes a perfect dad.

His reply: "You give me money for sweets!"

Aww, so cute. Not!

Why not your children what makes a perfect dad and post their answers below?

Check out embarrassing dad Dale, below, who dressed in different outfits to see his son off on the school run. Cringe!