10/11/2012 11:59 GMT | Updated 10/11/2012 12:25 GMT

Jessica Ennis Wins Best Body Award But Think She Looks 'Butch' (VIDEO, PICTURES)

Jessica Ennis may have one of the best bodies around and even beat model Kelly Brook to the title of best celebrity body, but she still thinks she has far from the perfect physique.

The star of this summer's Olympics has done wonders for women's sport and helped to inspire a generation of girls to try out her track and field events, but she told the Sun she does not understand why there is so much fuss about her body shape and said she thinks she looks butch.

"I know my body has to be this way to do my sport the best I can, but I've got way more muscles than I'd ideally like to have. I don't think I look good and it amazes me when girls write to me and say 'Ooh, I wish I had a six-pack like yours', or 'You've got an amazing figure'. Really, do they think that?" Jessica told the newspaper.

jessica ennis

Ennis beat Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian to the award

The gold-medallist also admitted she was amazed that people voted her as having the best body, putting her ahead of the likes of Kim Kardashian.

She admitted that while she is getting used to a lot of the attention she is receiving now, there are still things that she can laugh about with her fiancé Andy Hill.

"There are YouTube videos of my bum in slow motion. How strange is that? Me and Andy watch them and have a giggle but it's quite freaky really and very odd," Jessica added.

Although the Olympics only ended a few weeks ago, she is already back training again and is preparing for the World Championships, which take place in Moscow next August.

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