12/11/2012 03:00 GMT | Updated 15/11/2012 07:11 GMT

Cute Video Of The Day: Giggling Baby Twins Love Their Exercise Jumpers (VIDEO)

Woken up in a miserable mood? Can't imagine you're likely to crack a smile any time soon? We beg to disagree! In fact, we guarantee you'll be chortling along with these two babies within seconds of starting to watch the video above.

The eight-month-old twin girls were filmed having a whale of a time in their exercise jumpers by YouTuber Melinda Redman. We're going out on a limb here - but we'd hazard a guess Melinda's their mum (as opposed to a chancer with a video camera who just happened to be wandering through the family's living room).

Ah, it all looks like such good fun, doesn't it? We kind of wish we could have an adult version of the "double-jumper" installed in our office. You know? Just to lighten the mood when things get a bit stressful...

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