12/11/2012 22:54 GMT | Updated 12/01/2013 10:12 GMT

I'M A CELEBRITY: Helen Flanagan Prepares For Next Bushtucker Trial, With Bikini Dip And A Training Session

Helen Flanagan has got a lot on her mind, with the prospect of a second bushtucker trial coming her way, once again pitted against Nadine Dorries.

'I'm A Celebrity' must have thought it had seen the last of the great whingers with Gillian McKeith last year, but that was before Helen lasted all of... four seconds in her Bug Burial contest, before she had to be rescued.

And now the heartless public have put her up again, once again against Nadine, for Rotten Rhymes, whatever they may be.

With a team of bushmates hungry for extra tucker and her reputation to restore, there are only two things to be done to toughen up in time ... go a few rounds with a world boxing champion, and go for another shower in another bikini from the seemingly bottomless well of seductive swimsuits. Will this training regime work for Helen this time around against Nadine?

Celeb - Helen Flanagan - Bikini Round 2


Celeb - Helen Flanagan - Bikini Round 2