13/11/2012 12:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Creates Gadget To Read Bedtime Story And See His Sleeping Children When Working Away From Home

Dad creates gadget to read to his kids when working away from home Caters

Dad Rupert Plumridge wasn't going to let a few hundred miles stop him reading his kids a bedtime story.

He has invented a fancy gadget that allows him to watch his kids on a live internet feed on his tablet, Smartphone or laptop. The gadget has a night-vision camera so he can watch his children, Lily, two, and Dominic, six months, when they are asleep.

It also has a speaker so Rupert, 35, from Bristol, and wife Hannah can read Lily and Dominic a bedtime story even when they are working away from home.

Rupert started the project in 2010 after finding similar devices already on the market only had limited features.

"I can view it on my phone anywhere in the world if you have a mobile network connection. I was in London a couple of days ago, and I watched my son and daughter going to sleep," he said.

"Some people might think it's a bit 'Big Brother' but it's more just to know they're okay. The webcam looks like a glowing eye. It could be a bit freaky but Lily doesn't mind. It reassures her, she knows mummy and daddy are looking out for her."

Introducing the product on his blog, Rupert said: "It is certainly a much cheaper and more flexible approach than the dedicated solutions on the market currently and rather than only being able to view the video feed on one tiny screen, you can view it on pretty much any screen you wish pretty much anywhere you want.

"It's not an alternative to a babysitter but it's really useful if you're away from home and you want to see your kids. I would definitely recommend it for other parents.

'I think when I'm not there it makes our children feel reassured. The webcam has a speaker so that parents can read their kids a bed-time story - but it makes you sound like Darth Vader!"