13/11/2012 14:49 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

First Came The Books, Now It's Fifty Shades Of BABYGROWS (Complete With S &Amp; M Handcuffs!)

First came the books, now it's Fifty Shades of BABYGROWS!

They were the novels that inspired 40 millions erotic fantasies – but now all 'Fifty Shades of Grey' fans have to look forward to are Several Shades of BABYGROWS. And it's all in the worst possible taste!

Nine (probably) months after the monstrously successful 'Mummy Porn' trilogy took the book world – and bedrooms - by storm, 'Shades'-inspired babies have been popping out left, right and centre – and now merchandisers are trying to cash in with slogans slapped on to babygrows, onesies and T-shirts.

There's even one that features S & M handcuffs - hardly the attire for an innocent babe in arms!

Baby clothes with Fifty Shades-inspired taglines have begun to appear on websites for expecting parents who may have the saucy books to thank for their new babies.

The products are mostly available on design and crafts super-site, Etsy.

The T-shirts, onesies and babygrows include such slogans as 'My mommy pretends Christian Grey is My Daddy' complete with handcuffs. We'd prefer a more sraightforward and simple slogan along the lines of: 'Make. It. Stop!'

One reads: '9 months ago my mommy read fifty shades of Grey'.

A white onesie with a grey necktie sewn at the collar bears the description: 'Tastefully share a joke with girlfriends without your grandma knowing you enjoy smut.'

For those in the know, an otherwise innocent looking baby's bib reads: 'I'm "Lil Blip", Thank you 50 Shades of Grey'. The name 'Lil Blip' refers to the moniker given to her pregnant stump by the heroine of the erotic trilogy, Ana.

A onesie in bright pink is embroidered with Christian Grey's famous sign-off 'Laters, baby'. Another babygrow simply says Generation Grey or Generation Grey Baby.

Click through our gallery below to see some of the products on offer...

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