14/11/2012 04:20 GMT

I'M A CELEBRITY: More Tears From Hugo Taylor, But No Pity from Team Mates Eric Bristow And Nadine Dorries

Poor little rich Hugo Taylor hasn't been having a whale of a time while he's been in the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle.

He'd just about recovered from losing his first bushtucker trial to David Haye and dried his tears from his first day meltdown, when he was put up for another trial - Dingo Dollar Challenge this time - against... guess who.

Hugo had to return to his campmates tail down and empty-handed once more, and once more it wasn't long before the monogrammed hanky came out.

Hugo's Dingo Dollar Challenge

“I can’t believe I’m crying over something so stupid," he helpfully added. "The smallest thing in here can completely set you off. It’s astonishing.”

He later called himself "a wimp" to his bush pals, and there wasn't a rush to disagree with him, as there had already been mutterings about his attitude by the others.

Eric Bristow, seemingly able to call a spade by its name at any given opportunity, had remarked of the 'Made in Chelsea' alumnus: He’s daddy’s boy. Daddy’s got loads of money.... they live a different lifestyle. That’s the way he’s been brought up. He doesn’t know any better. He doesn’t realise that people around him don’t want to listen to all that. I had pheasant for breakfast. Who gives a sh*t.”

Nadine put it more succinctly, saying of our Kings Road warrior, "some of the things Hugo comes out with you just want to give him a smack.”

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