14/11/2012 12:00 GMT | Updated 14/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Squeeze's Chris Difford Talks Old Musical Comrades And New Technology On Tour

"We married young, tried to understand each other, got some counselling, broke up, got back together..."

These could be the words of any reminiscent lover but, this being Chris Difford, founding member of Squeeze, speaking, it's actually about his longtime partner in crime, Glenn Tillbrook, and the good news for fans is - it is most definitely on.


Current Squeeze - back on the road, and in the groove

"We got back together. It was like getting an old bike out of the shed," Difford reflects on the five years they've been back on the road. "It's been 40 years now, on and off."

So, something old, certainly - anything new? It seems so. As well as a new piece of music, their first in 14 years, called 'Tommy' - "Glenn wrote the string arrangement, he's very useful with his melodic scope" says Difford, managing to make it sound as though he's only just noticed - the pair are heading back out on the road, in the UK, and with a contemporary twist - their very own Pop Up shop, a publishing platform including a CD recorded live and sold at the end of each gig, a first for a UK act.

"We'll have the artwork prepared and ready," explains Difford. "We know people have buses to catch, so we don't want to keep them hanging around. I know Edinburgh comedians manage to do it smoothly, so I hope we can pull it off."


Glenn Tillbrook and Chris Difford - "like getting an old bike out of the shed"

The latest of Squeeze's many formations means former Beautiful South frontman Paul Heaton will be guesting on the tour, so why does Difford think the band's been going so long?

"I just always wanted to be in a band, and the ones I grew up with - the Stones, the Who - all seemed to be going on for ever, so that's what I thought being in a band meant," he shrugs. "I hoped it would."

After two weeks of frantic touring, promotion, recording, and a documentary recorded last year, is Difford feeling his age in rockstar years, or freshly energised? He hums...

"I don't feel old or young. What am I? I'm like a cheese - mature."

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