15/11/2012 11:29 GMT | Updated 16/11/2012 10:38 GMT

Death Exhibition Opens At Wellcome Collection

The great inevitability has been inspiring art and literature for centuries.

Yet despite all the pickled sharks in tanks and Shakespearean sonnets, an entire exhibition dedicated to death has remained a rarity - after all, how much morbidity can one take?

With 'Death: A Self-portrait' - a new show opening on Thursday - London's finest art-science museum the Wellcome Collection have decided to put on on anyway.


A postcard from the 1900s re-interprets death

With a range of exhibits including masterpieces by artists Rembrandt and Goya, light fittings made out of bones and installations dedicated to Mexico's Day of the Dead, it's pretty much an A-Z of the final curtain. There's even an entire section dedicated to 'Violent Death' for horror fans.

We've got a sneak preview of the works on show below. Try not to get too depressed.