Deoest, Japanese Firm Markets Fart Proof Underpants

Fart With Wild Abandon With These Odour-Eliminating Underpants

Imagine a world where men and women can fart in public with wild abandon - with no risk of offending their fellow companion's nostrils.

This is no pipe dream, no fantasy of the Gods. It is very real my friend and it could be enveloping those malodorous buttocks of yours imminently.

Introducing Deoest odour-eliminating underwear, a garment that promises to absorb those tell-tale signs that yep, you've let go. (N.B. No word on quietening those embarrassing noises oversight or are we being prudish?)

Smother those smells with Deoest's odour-eliminating underpants

The brains behind the technology are those of Professor Hiroki Ohge of Hiroshima University and developed by Japanese textile company Seiren.

These absorbent undercrackers apparently work via a lattice of "whiff-absorbing ceramic particles in the material fibres", and were originally marketed as an aid for those with irritable bowel syndrome.

A Seiren spokesman told "At first we thought about selling them to those who require nursing care and to hospitals.

"But to our surprise, lots of ordinary people, like businessmen who are in positions that require them to see people on a daily basis, bought them."

So there you have it; Gassy Japanese businessmen are driving a wave of fart-proof underpants.

The undergarments are also available for women (in pink, how feminine!) and in an effort to capitalise on the various pongs produced by the human body you can buy shirts in the same fabric to mask your BO and socks to hide the stench of your cheesy feet.



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