15/11/2012 16:48 GMT | Updated 15/11/2012 16:55 GMT

Tourettes Syndrome Teenager Banned From Football For Swearing At Referee

Fourteen-year-old tourettes syndrome sufferer Owen Thompson has been banned from playing football after he swore at a referee.

Teenager Thompson told the referee to "f**k off" after the official awarded a dubious goal against his team, Ware Youth.

Owen has been given a two-match ban and £25 fine for his foul-mouthed outburst and the suspension has been upheld by Hertfordshire FA despite Ware appealing.


Owen has been banned for swearing

Owen's mother Melanie Burgess told The Sun: “After the game the referee went over to Owen’s manager. He showed the referee the medical card that shows Owen has Tourette’s syndrome.

Ware's under-15s manager Alistair West added: “You can’t ban a Tourette’s sufferer for swearing."

Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard, who moved to Manchester United in 2003, also suffers from the same condition. Thompson hailed him as "my inspiration".


Howard signed for Everton permanently in 2007

United fans used to serenade Howard to the Mary Poppins classic with "Chim-chimeree chim chimeree, chim chim cheroo, we've got Tim Howard and he says f**k you."