15/11/2012 09:55 GMT

Victoria Beckham Photoshops Herself Into 'Dallas' Character As She Visits Texas City (PICS)

Victoria Beckham may exude steely professionalism, but that legendary sense of humour she bangs on about owning does raise its head from time to time.

Look, she's proved how hilarious she is by getting handy with a bit of photoshop.

During a trip to Dallas for a private fashion presentation, Posh tweeted a picture of herself as Victoria Principal from the 80s TV show 'Dallas'.

Oh how very droll, Posh.

She tweeted: "I always wanted to be in Dallas and here I am!!! Spot the difference with Victoria!"

Later she added: "Hello Dallas was all a dream!, love, Victoria Principal Beckham x vpb."

Well, we never thought we'd see Posh in shoulder pads. What ever will the fash pack say?


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