Katie Price 'So Embarrassed' After Being Filmed Revealing Alex Reid Sex Secrets And Murdering A Whitney Ballad (VIDEO)

'I'm So Embarrassed'

Whilst us non-celebs only have to put up with our mates reminding us of what we got up to the morning after a night out, starry types like say, Katie Price, run the risk of their high japes being made public. Very public.

Which is why we feel (a little) for Katie Price after her performance - 'singing', 'comedy', sexual revelations - on stage in a Soho club this week ended up online, something she's now admitted to being totally 'embarrassed' about.

Taking to Twitter after the vid of her sharing her sexual exploits with Alex Reid and murdering a Whitney song to a crowd at London's Madame JoJo's club went viral, she said: "Oh my god i am so embarrassed!! I really cannot sing!! My comedy was even worse! xxxx

We think she's being a little hard on herself. Yes, your singing is horrific but there's no disputing the comedy value of the clip, Katie.

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