'X Factor': Asda Renames Chicken Chow Mein 'Chicken Jahmene' In Honour Of Jahmene Douglas

Chicken Jahmene

'X Factor' contestant Jahmene Douglas has received the ultimate honour from his former employers Asda - the supermarket giant have renamed their Chicken Chow Mein dish in his honour.

Over this weekend the Chinese favourite will be branded as Chicken Jahmene across stores over the country.

We know what Nicole Scherzinger would have to say about that - JAHMAZING!

The dish is set to raise money for Women's Aid - a charity close to Jahmene's heart after watching his mother suffer at the hands of his abusive father - as 23p from each pack sold will go straight to them.

An Asda spokesperson said in a statement: “We’re so proud of Jahmene and all the incredible performances he does week in, week out on the X Factor so we really want to get behind him and offer our support. Chicken Chow Mein is a weekend favourite and we hope that by re-naming it after him, we’ll be able to raise lots of money for Women’s Aid.”

So you're all invited over to HuffPost Celeb towers on Saturday to watch 'X Factor' with a Chicken Jahmene, may be accompanied by some Pi-Ella, a Christopher Pepperoni pizza, or a Nicole Scher-Zingerburger (sorry, we'll stop now).

The Chicken Jahmene will be available in Asda stores nationwide between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th November at a price of £2.25.

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