19/11/2012 08:09 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Children As Young As 10 Arrested For Rape


Shocking new figures show that in the past year, 24 UK police forces have arrested children under 13 on suspicion of rape.

The Telegraph reports that seven forces detained at least one 10-year-old. It claims that the disturbing figures demonstrate the impact that online porn is having on those young children who have access to it.

The figures were obtained by the Daily Mail via a Freedom of Information request, and revealed that 31 forces arrested children aged between 10 to 13, with seven regions arresting rape suspects of 10, and six taking in children of 11. A further 11 police forces said they had arrested young people of 12 on suspicion of rape.

A spokesman from the NSPCC said there was 'undoubtedly' a link between children carrying out sexual attacks, and easy access to online pornography.

The spokesperson went on to say that the material the children were accessing gave them a 'distorted picture of what sexual relationships should be about'.

"Some young people do not have an understanding of consent," he said. "If they want something they will go out to get it, whatever the consequences."

He added that there was a 'definite link between this and watching hardcore porn. It is an issue of entitlement'.

"If a child has watched a rape scene the same child might attempt to act that piece of behaviour out."

The figures obtained by the Mail showed that 357 children aged 18 and under were convicted of sex crimes including rape, sexual assaults on other children, grooming, incest and taking or possessing indecent images of minors.