19/11/2012 11:37 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

You Kept That Quiet! Pregnant Edith Bowman Debuts Baby Bump On The Red Carpet

You kept that quiet! Pregnant Edith Bowman debuts baby bump on red carpet PA

She's kept mum about her pregnancy, but mum-to-be Edith Bowman let the cat out of the bag last night, by showing off her five-month bump on the red carpet.

The radio and TV presenter, who is expecting her second baby with husband Tom Smith, chose the red carpet at the BAFTA Scotland Awards to debut her bump.

Announcing her second pregnancy, Edith told The Sun: "We haven't really put it out there but I'm five months pregnant.

"I'm so excited - it's a nice little addition to our family."

The mum-to-be hosted the BAFTA ceremony yesterday - in-between snack breaks!

She said before the night: "I'm really looking forward to it but people are going to have to bring me snacks when they collect their awards - I'm craving food every two hours without fail.

"Rather than go off for a costume change, I'll be away eating!"

Edith and Tom are already proud parents to four-year-old Rudy.