Benga And Skream Launch Dubstep Documentary 'I Am Benga' (VIDEO)

Watch: 'I Am Benga'

Benga and Skream took their dub-laden soundtracks to East London last week, playing an intimate - yet still insanely loud - gig at Stoke Newington's Birthdays bar.

Downstairs in the underground bar, the wide-eyed sweaty masses were lapping up everything that came thundering out of the speakers.

The last time I saw Skream I was in a massive tent at Bestival, so the smaller venue was a welcome change, giving an opportunity to see how Skream gets it so right (and at one point, so wrong, resulting in a juddering stop to proceedings).

Benga's new album is out in February

Skream's tunes had a distinclty more housey edge and the characteristic wobbly bass of the dubstep he is famous for, which only made an appearance towards the end of his set.

With barely a pause it was the turn of Benga.

The headliner was playing to launch the release of his new TV series, 'I Am Benga', a six-part documentary made in collaboration with Red Bull Studios, charting the latest events in his remarkably successful career.

Benga was playing with fellow Magnetic Man, Skream

Needless to say the set went down a storm and if you want to hear it for yourself check out his latest album, 'Chapter 2'.

If that isn't enough we've got a little treat for you in the form of the first episode of 'I Am Benga'. Future episodes can be seen here.


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