Lady Gaga Simulates Sex With Giant Cream Cake To Promote New Record (VIDEO)

Gaga Has Her Cake And...?

Honestly, you leave Lady Gaga and a huge cream cake alone in a room together for two minutes and look what happens!

While most people would see an opportunity to gorge themselves silly, Gaga took the chance to simulate having se with the creamy sponge. As you do.

In a clip to promote her latest release, 'Cake' (see what she's doing there) the singer can be seen just in her bra and knickers, writhing about on top of a squished sponge.

Licking her fingers and rubbing bits of cake all over her naked body, it appears our Gaga is quite the fan of sploshing.

The video - shot by her photographer pal Terry Richardson - also shows her topless in a hot jub shaking her behind to the camera.

Anyway, slightly inappropriate behaviour aside, this has made us very excited to hear new Gaga material, which is due for release next year.

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