School Makes Eight-Year-Old Wear 'Dunce' Jacket For Being Naughty

School Makes Eight-Year-Old Wear 'Dunce' Jacket For Being Naughty


An outraged father has branded a school's punishment of his eight-year-old son 'demeaning' after staff forced the little boy to wear a 'dunce-style' high visability coat.

Little Abdullah Al-Ameen was made to wear the coat of shame at Forest Fields Primary school in Nottingham after he was reprimanded for throwing leaves.

His angry dad, Dr Sanaa Al-Ameen, 59, said the punishment was 'unacceptable' and that Abdullah had returned home in tears.

"It's like making him wear a dunce's cap. It's unacceptable and demeaning for my son," the retired Nottingham University lecturer told the paper.

He added that since the incident Abdullah has pretended to be ill to get out of going to school - 'because of the jacket'.


"I am shocked - this is not the way to treat an eight-year-old and I am sure it is more disruptive to have him wear this jacket," his dad said.

Abdullah was forced to wear the coat after he was caught stuffing leaves down the tops of playground bullies. He said that he now does not like going to school.

"It makes me feel nervous when I wear it because I know other people are looking at me," he said.

The headteacher at Forest Fields said the jacket was effective as a punishment.

"We have been trialling the scheme of jackets and we have seen improvements in some children's behaviour," she said.

"They are in no way used to shame the children or to make them look as if they are doing community service. When children's behaviour falls below standards, we are keen to see this change by rewarding children when they make the right decision."

Would you be outraged if YOUR child was made to wear one of these 'dunces' jackets'?