Yoda Sings To Luke Skywalker - Disney-Style! (VIDEO)

WATCH: Yoda Sings To Luke Skywalker - Disney-Style!

Another day, another 'Star Wars'/Disney parody. And this one sees Yoda helping to motivate Luke Skywalker through his training regime by singing him a Disney-style ditty. (Trained at Italian opera school, Yoda was.)

The very funny video above is the work of UK-based writer/director Michael Clarkson. Nice work, Mickey! You don't mind if we call you Mickey, do you? You know, what with it being a Disney spoof and all that...

Of course, this also provides us with the perfect opportunity to take another look at our own reaction to the recent news that Disney had bought Lucasfilm. Check out our sneak preview of Star Wars: Episode 7...


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