TV REVIEW: Cheryl Cole Opens Up On Love, Press And The Pressure Of Her First Solo Tour

TV REVIEW: Cheryl Opens Up On Love, Press And Pressure

Cheryl Cole has got more reason than most to not really want a camera in her face at the best of times, let alone when she's nervous, planning her first solo tour and... embarking on a brand new romance.

But, the feisty Novocastrian is nothing if not a trooper, and with a Girls Aloud Greatest Hits to put in front of people, not to mention her solo tour DVD to talk about, it was time to take the lens cap off.

With Cheryl's close pal behind the camera, the singer was far more revelatory than she might otherwise have been. So what did we glean?

  • She seems a lot more relaxed in LA, where her kohl-lined eyes don't ignite a flurry of paparazzi wherever she goes.
  • She has someone to open her coke can for her.
  • Cheryl obviously adores her dancer boyfriend Tre, talking of their "great connection", and he apparently feels very protective of her in return. It is unclear which came first... his dancing more energetically than anyone else at the front of her entourage, or his romance with the leading lady.

  • She was genuinely worried for her boyfriend when he hurt his knee, reflecting: "It's his livelihood, what would he do? It's like me losing my voice... what would I do?" Well, presumably phone Simon Cowell.
  • Out of her all her solo gigs, London's O2 venue is the most intimidating venue for her with all those weird people that London attracts- "journalists, critics, friends".
  • What thinks is the secret to her appeal... "she's down to earth, sweet, people are sick of pretentious divas." He has a point, even if he was saying this while the pair sat in their dressing discussing their two stages, and was wearing a cravat.
  • That she was terrified of doing the swan dive that has become an integral part of her stage act.
  • She inspires lots of loyalty in both her acolytes, and her mentors. They all speak of her with glowing pride, and treat her achievements as their own.
  • She very articulately describes the nerves before going on stage, and then the euphoria when it goes well.
  • Her Girls Aloud bandmates seemed genuinely very happy for her, judging by the hugs they shared with her in the dressing room following the London gig.
  • That Cheryl's biggest smile is reserved for when she outruns the paps in six-inch heels. She associates them with periods of hell in her life aka marriage.
  • That the only time she got carried away with emotion on stage was in her hometown of Newcastle, talking of taking the bus past the arena as a child - "I had a dream, and I've done it."
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