21/11/2012 16:11 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Why Peaches Geldof Is My Parenting Role Model

Why Peaches Geldof is my parenting role model Peaches Geldof/Twitters

So Peaches Geldof is pregnant again. You can almost feel the chill in the air from the sharp intakes of breath. Phrases like 'a MERE six months after the birth of her first' and constant references to her 'young age' accompanying every seemingly-happy-for-her news story.

When she announced her first pregnancy earlier this year, the world braced itself for a car crash. She'd already been married in Vegas and divorced soon after. Her own mother Paula Yates committed suicide. It's like we couldn't wait for her to fail. After all, look how we reacted when she dared to try and be a journalist.

But, you know what? At least for this newish mum, she's turned out to be one of the best celebrity parenting role models.

Rather than turf the baby immediately onto a nanny and hit the town, as we half expected her to, she demonstrated her new status as the most besotted new mother ever via a series of adorable Twitter pictures, most of them remarkably undoctored and unposed (unlike most of mine), frequently blurry and featuring both parents looking blissful but, regularly and refreshingly, dishevelled and dressing-gowned.

Since baby Astala's birth, she has shown herself to be a natural mother, ignoring doom-mongers and announcing (and demonstrating) that becoming a parent has been the making of her. Hell, she was even back home by 11pm on the night of her hen party.


She appears to be a devotee of attached parenting, frequently carrying or 'wearing' Astala whilst getting on with everyday tasks and eschewing nannies or au pairs and declaring motherhood to be the best thing to ever happened to her.


She shows infectious humour when dealing with everyday parenting obstacles of sick, poo and screams, referring to her little one as (among other cute nicknames) 'Grubbis' and Tweeting the most adorable pictures of the baby and dog together.

In fact, Peaches' several-times-daily Twitpics should be recommended viewing for every new parent who might be struggling finding joy in the simple things or panicking about petty issues.

Early pap shots show her looking fabulous and relaxed around her baby and husband. Of course looking fabulous isn't necessarily a sign of anything but resources, but there is a marked difference in how fabulous she looked (strolling casually around town, coffee in hand, Astala strapped to her chest, wearing bright clothes and beaming at anyone who came near her) and the fabulous of, say, JLo, who turns out, elegantly coiffured, flanked by bodyguards and being handed her children in between makeup sessions or dance moves. Likewise, both of Astala's parents seem to be taking an equally active role in child-rearing if the pics are anything to go by.

And why should it be a surprise? Peaches recently told Elle magazine very candidly how her own upbringing has influenced her own approach to parenting. (She lost her own mother at the heartbreaking age of 11). They were the words not of a mad biological-clock-obsessed thirty-something (all present, Sir) having a baby in a last desperate dash to do something with her life/unwillingness not to miss out.

These were the words of a young woman who has taken a long hard look at her own life and decided to redress the balance. The words of someone who carries the weight of irresponsible parenting daily and is doing her damndest not to make the same mistakes herself.

Back in September, she was papped as her buggy took a tumble in a London street, nearly ejecting the baby onto the pavement. The obligatory nasty comments dissed her for it (yeah 'cos none of us EVER take or make phonecalls while also walking with a baby). What most of the critics missed was that hours later she was Tweeting Boris Johnson to complain about the state of the road.

And if any more evidence that Peaches is a relaxed and laid-back mum be needed, she's only gorn and done it again (you don't need to be a scientist to know that you usually conceive a second baby so soon because you're, er, happily back in the saddle).

Of course she's taken the news with her trademark good humour and grace, admitting that it was a surprise but that she's sure it will be fine.

And from what I have seen so far, I am pretty certain it will be.